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F-TWO Technology company (formerly ReadSoft, Lexmark) is an official Partner KOFAX companies specialized in the automation of critical processes, using cutting-edge technology such as SAP and KOFAX READSOFT solutions. Our focus is the innovation and automation for information management and support of innovative solutions for document management, workflow and archiving in different ERP.

The company is located in Santiago Chile and its consultants and technical architects has vast experience in the field of IT processes and technological solutions, both in the public field as private. Our professional team has the necessary certifications to carry out an integral advice from the design, implementation, and support of different platforms World Class technology



AES Corporation is an electric company that provides and distributes energy in 14 countries. AES has decided few years ago to transform its manual process of invoicing process and has automated the accounts payable process by centralizing it and making it more efficient using the Kofax Process Director solution. AES gradually implemented the solution in different countries until it became the global automation solution for accounts payable in the whole the company. AES in total has automated and processed more than 400,000 documents per year, thus being able to improve the processing times for invoices and also improving the times of accounts payable analysts, thus being able to dedicate that time to analysis tasks that deliver value added to its functions.


In 2014, the national oil company (ENAP) began searching for a solution to automate the incoming invoices entry and posting of them in SAP. Among the main problems that ENAP had was that there was no procedure for the reception of documents and these were received at different points and by different people, which is why many times the invoices were lost or the processing times were too long and also there was not visibility of the status of the invoices in the process . These problems caused a loss of VAT by not posting the invoice on time, either due to the loss of the document or due to long processing times, and it also affected the relationship with its suppliers for delayed payments. For the reasons mentioned above, ENAP decided to implement the INVOICES PROCESS DIRECTOR solution, which allowed for a substantial improvement in invoice processing, allowing visibility of invoice status in the whole process (in process, approval, posted or payed). Enap currently has this solution implemented in Chile, Argentina and Ecuador and they process physical, digital and electronic documents, which can be processed from a Scan, shared routes and emails.


Belcorp in 2012 undertook a project to automate accounts payable and decided to use KOFAX (EX READSOFT) solutions for its implementation, since each year, more than 200,000 invoices were processed with approximately 1,000 potential users who were involve in the operating in these processes. This was reason enough to digitize and automate their accounts payable department. In addition, In Belcorp invoicing processes had evident deficiencies and needed to be replaced. An example of this is there was not procedure for the centralized the reception of documents and these were received at different points and by different people. On the other hand, it was not always clear where the invoice was and it’s status, causing loss of documents, VAT, and even possible additional fines and interest.


Company committed to delivering high quality products that provide a balanced diet.

AES is a company that generates and distributes electrical energy with a global market share.

Belcorp is a Peruvian direct sales company of beauty products, for skin, body and cosmetic care based in Lima, Peru.

Ecopetrol S.A. It is the first oil company in Colombia. The company belongs to the group of 25 largest petroleum companies in the world, and it is one of the four principal petroleum companies in Latin America.

Empresa Nacional del Petróleo, or ENAP is a state owned company in Chile. The company is engaged in the exploration, production, refining, and marketing of hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

Surlat S.A. is a Chilean company formed in 2001 dedicated to the production, sale and distribution of dairy products and their derivatives.

INACAP is a Chilean higher education institution, it is a private law corporation.

Volaris is a low cost Mexican airline with point-to-point service that operates in Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.


Kofax Inc. (Kofax) is an American process automation software provider with international headquarters in Irvine, California.

Founded in 1985, Kofax provides process management, robotic process automation, e-signature, and mobility and customer communication services to 25,000 customers in 70 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. The company is an independent portfolio company owned by private equity firm Thoma Bravo.

Scad Colombia is a company that specializes in the massive capture of data from critical processes with the use of technology.

SCAD Colombia offers solutions for automatic data capture information to make the internal processes of your company more efficient, reducing the use of paper and eliminating manual and / or repetitive tasks that are not added value. They are specialists in (OCR) Automatic data reading, (BPO) Information capture outsourcing, (ECM) Document Management and Digitization.


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